WonderChamberMusic (WunderkammerMusik)

I am happy to see you here. My name is Reiner Schneeberger and I am one of the contributors to the outstanding  WUNDER KAMMER MUSIK, published in 2011 by KUNSTHALLE BREMEN (in German language). On 752 pages the aquisitions during the time when Prof. Wulf Herzogenrath has been director of Bremer Kunsthalle (1994-31.10.2011) are presented and discussed. Luckily some of my early computergraphic drawings I programmed in the late 70th made their way by The H.W. Franke Collection  to Bremer Kunsthalle so they will stay conserved well over time. The H.W. Franke collection was aquired by financial support of Siemens Stiftung. Luckily I have still rights on presenting my art in 3D worlds, so everyone can visit my Wunderkammer – and yes there is now also sound in it as new forms of digital artwork is reacting on the visitor.

Here are the details to order:

Katja Riemer, Andreas Kreul (Hg.)
500 pages, about 450 colored pictures
H31,0 x B24,5 Hardcover
EUR 78,00 [D] / 105,00 sFr.
ISBN 978-3-8321-9414-7

You may find more information in German language at Wunderkammermusik – ‘Die Sammlungen der Kunsthalle Bremen 1994 – 2011 und darüber hinaus. Eine Introspektive, Bremen/Köln 2011, 752 S., über 450 Farbabb. | € 78,-’

As I am a lifelong member of Kunsthalle Bremen I offered to donate the domain wunderkammermusik.de to Kunstverein Bremen as soon as I noticed that this wording will be used by the publishers. Katja Riemer said, “oh yes I know there is a parallel world by you – much success, just link to the homepage of Bremer Kunsthalle for the book and it is fine. No need for us for the domain. wunderkammermusik.de fits to your Virtual World best and to have it in parallel running is fine as the title of your publication was indeed Wunderkammermusik as I edited it”.

Here you can find within the dowload area of KUNSTHALLE BREMEN my entry to Wunderkammermusik in German language. But as this page is for international visitors, I will offer soon a translation. So you dont need to buy the 5 kg heavy book just for this sole purpose and carry it on your shoulders home. But for sure buy it as there is so much art in it for just 78 EUR.

Just for now I can offer the article The Primcurator that was published in MUSEUM AKTUELL, Sept. 2011. It makes the idea very clear – and you need to read just four pages :)

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